1. What Are Smart Mirrors?

    What was once science fiction, is now becoming reality. Modern mirrors of the 21st Century are looking towards the future with ‘Smart Mirrors’ - the absolute latest in mirror technology. The modern world is making advancements with smart solutions, and smart mirrors give you a peek into the future of homes. It was mentioned in Industry Today that the global...
  2. Bathroom Trends 2018

    Bathroom Trends 2018
    New year. New bathroom. Make a splash into 2018 by giving your bathroom a snazzy makeover! Changing your bathroom design can ensure that you stay ahead of the curve for the new year and beyond. Whether you’re planning an entirely new look, or a subtle bathroom makeover for the new year, have a look at these oh-so-stylish bathroom trends 2018...
  3. A Guide To Shaving Mirrors

    A Guide To Shaving Mirrors
    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who shaves the best out of them all? You, of course. Well, once you’ve purchased the best shaving mirror, that is. Take the time to consider the myriad of mirrors for shaving available and you will soon have the perfect mirror for you. Take your shaving to the next level by checking out these shaving...
  4. Three Reasons To Lighten Up Your Christmas With Hollywood Mirrors

    Three Reasons To Lighten Up Your Christmas With Hollywood Mirrors
    With the Christmas season now upon us, not only will a lot of us be buying fancy Christmas presents, a lot of folks will be looking to redecorate their homes and spice up the interior design. Coming with LED bulbs, a dim switch and oozing with enough glamour to stand out in any room, Hollywood mirrors make a phenomenal Christmas...
  5. How do Infinity Mirrors Work?

    Infinity mirrors. We’ve all seen them. You know those mirrors with lights in them that seem like they go on forever? Where it looks like magic is involved? Well, we can safely say that there’s no magic involved! However, science is involved. Through the use of optical properties, an infinity mirror is a mirror with what appears to be an...
  6. Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors the Ultimate in Bathroom Gadgets

    Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors the Ultimate in Bathroom Gadgets
      With the latest developments in bathroom gadgets, bathrooms are now stepping into the digital age too. You can now seamlessly get music and the radio into your bathroom, answer phone-calls hands-free and with the latest in wireless technology, Wi-Fi is also provided. Here at Modern Mirrors, we supply smart mirrors that are Bluetooth enabled. Our range of LED Bluetooth bathroom mirrors...
  7. Only 4 weeks to go till Christmas!

    Only 4 weeks to go till Christmas! We think this Hollywood mirror would be the perfect present for a make-up addict.
  8. A full 10 year warranty comes as standard

    A full 10 year warranty comes as standard, without costing you a penny! Just keep hold of your proof of purchase and if anything goes wrong within that period, we'll either repair or replace your item.
  9. If you find our products available

    If you find our products available new and cheaper on any other website, we'll match the price!
  10. 3 tips to make a small bathroom look bigger

    There are a lot of things you can change when it comes to your house; from the colour of your walls, to the furniture on the floor and all-important luxuries stocked inside every cupboard. One thing very few of us have the luxury of changing, however, is the space inside. While reconfiguring rooms or adding an extension can make things...

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