• What Are Smart Mirrors?

    What was once science fiction, is now becoming reality. Modern mirrors of the 21st Century are looking towards the future with ‘Smart Mirrors’ - the absolute latest in mirror technology. The modern world is making advancements with smart solutions, and smart mirrors give you a peek into the future of homes. It was mentioned in Industry Today that the global smart mirrors market is to grow 12.21% between 2017 and 2021. Smart mirror technology not only transforms bathrooms and bedrooms, but also shops (and even buses!) into digital hubs. Let’s now take a look at what smart mirrors are and what they can do.

    What Are Smart Mirrors?

    Smart mirrors are literally mirrors at the most basic level, but infused with smart technology. An electronic display is placed behind a two-way mirror, showing the user different kinds of information normally shown on smart devices, whilst they groom themselves in front of the mirror.


    What Can Smart Mirrors Do?

    • Be connected to your smartphone.
    • Tell you the time, date and what the weather is like outside.
    • Come with built-in facial recognition software and a voice assistant.
    • Give traffic reports and reminders of meetings and events.
    • Keep an eye on your house whilst you are out.
    • Provide notifications from social media and enable you to check E-Mails.
    • Have Bluetooth functionality.
    • Can stream books and music.
    • Be self-dimming, self-cleaning and self-repairing.


    Smart Mirrors In Retail:

    Within the retail industry, smart mirrors in shops can majorly improve the customer shopping experience. They come with language options for tourists that are visiting and provide shops with data-rich information about their products. Shoppers in changing rooms can tap the modern mirror if the item they are trying on doesn’t fit. It’s also perfect for introverts who would rather not be bothered by shop floor assistants. Shoppers are statistically seven times more likely to purchase an item if smart mirrors are used in dressing rooms.


    Smart Mirrors In The Transport Industry:

    Whereas in the transport industry, ‘digital mirrors’ have started to be rolled out. This significantly improves day and night vision and the driver’s blind spot, whilst reducing susceptibility to damage, when compared with traditional mirrors. The digital mirror would be positioned where a transport driver would look to see a mirror (the A-pillar). Bus drivers for example, won’t be as blinded by sunlight or headlights, due to the overall quality gain and low-light capability of the digital mirrors.


    how do infinity mirrors work


    The modern mirror designs of today are undergoing a massive digital transformation. From Hollywood mirrors in the bedroom and digital mirrors in transport, to infinity mirrors and smart mirrors across the home and in shops, we can be sure that mirrors are going to continue to make a massive impact technologically. So mirror, mirror on the wall, what does the future hold for us all?


    Looking for modern mirrors for living room and bathroom? Stay ahead of the curve by contacting Modern Mirror Design today, for modern mirror styles to take your home to the next level.

  • Bathroom Trends 2018

    New year. New bathroom.

    Make a splash into 2018 by giving your bathroom a snazzy makeover! Changing your bathroom design can ensure that you stay ahead of the curve for the new year and beyond. Whether you’re planning an entirely new look, or a subtle bathroom makeover for the new year, have a look at these oh-so-stylish bathroom trends 2018!



    Illuminated mirror bathroom cabinets couldn’t be more bang on trend for 2018! They refresh your bathroom and take it to alluring new heights. They are multi-functional, and are brilliantly designed to enhance your bathroom experience. One such example is the space-saver Briony Demist Cabinet by Modern Mirror Design. Coming with a demister, shaver socket, LED illuminated lights, infrared sensor internal cabinet lighting and a double-side mirror door, it addresses most of the user’s needs in a bathroom. Modern Mirror Design supply a wide range of LED bathroom cabinet mirrors (including illuminated bathroom mirrors with bluetooth), no matter your tastes and preferences.



    Bringing showers into the 21st century are... digital showers! Providing you with a seamless showering experience, they are a real game-changer in the bathroom world. As they come with precise temperature control, you no longer have to struggle to find the right temperature for you by mixing hot and cold water. Some digital showers luxuriously come with a touchscreen display, wireless options, bluetooth connectivity, whilst others can be controlled with a mobile phone! Sleek and sophisticated, digital showers fuse style and functionality and are all the rage for 2018.



    Bring life into your bathroom design with metallic glamour! Brass, copper and gold tones are making a comeback and no, we aren’t going back to the 1940’s - this is 2018 fashion! Chrome has well and truly done its time and now we need to make way for gold taps, gold wall tiles and gold handles! An absolute stand-out and perfect for vintage bathrooms. A tip - cooler paint colours will highly complement those warmer metallic shades. The metallic bathroom craze also extends to that of bathroom furniture. Gold bathroom cabinet designs anyone?



    For 2018 bathroom colour schemes, we’re looking at shades of grey, metallics and blue. Colour is famously evocative and evokes different emotions. Grey is timeless, neutral and balanced and looks great with accent colours, such as pink in a bathroom (yes, you can pair grey with pink in a bathroom colour scheme!) From the cooler grey tones, to the warmer hues, you can be sure that grey is the go-to colour for 2018 bathrooms. Cool and calming, bathrooms are bringing in the blues for 2018! From cerulean, mint, navy and sky blue, to powder-blue, blue-grey and teal, all sorts of hues and shades of blue are on the cards for 2018 bathrooms. They're the colour of the year and are perfect for bathroom cabinets too. And as mentioned above, you can’t go wrong with metallic tones either!


    Looking for an illuminated mirror bathroom cabinet to complement your new digital shower or refreshed bathroom colour scheme? Check out Modern Mirror Design’s wide range of bathroom cabinets, for all tastes, styles and preferences. We're so on trend for 2018.

  • A Guide To Shaving Mirrors

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who shaves the best out of them all? You, of course. Well, once you’ve purchased the best shaving mirror, that is.

    Take the time to consider the myriad of mirrors for shaving available and you will soon have the perfect mirror for you. Take your shaving to the next level by checking out these shaving mirrors!

    LED Illuminated Mirrors:

    LED illuminated mirrors with shaver sockets take shaving and bathroom technology to the next level. You can’t shave properly without sufficient light, so what good is a shaving mirror without light? Say hello to Modern Mirrors’ Refract Shaver Mirror Audio, a true 21st century mirror design! Coming with a stylish 4000k cold white overhead LED reflection bar to provide plenty of light whilst you shave, it also comes with a shaver socket, bluetooth speakers, demister pad and a sensor. Mirrors with shaver sockets all work for electric toothbrushes too! Modern Mirror Design’s Halo Shaver Mirror and Orb Illuminated Mirror are also a superb LED bathroom mirrors for shaving.

    mirrors with shaver sockets

    Magnifying Mirrors:

    Perfect for traditional or modern bathrooms, magnifying mirrors are an obvious choice when it comes to investing in a mirror for shaving. They are ideal for intricate bathroom jobs such as perfecting your makeup (i.e. applying eyeliner) and getting that beard or ‘tash looking flawless. You can zoom into particular parts of your face such as your eyes or your chin, and view the areas up close. Extendable magnifying mirrors are another great option to help you look your very best! They can be positioned exactly where you need for the best light and view, to make shaving an absolute breeze.

    Fogless Mirrors:

    Fogless or demister mirrors are another fab option for shaving in the bathroom. Showering with hot water causes fogging in small areas due to condensation. And so fogless mirrors have technology built in that prevents condensation from forming on the mirrors. A brilliant innovation! The Phoenix Mirror by Modern Mirrors works as a fogless mirror due to its trendy demister pad. The use of the demister pad results in a crystal clear mirror surface, allowing you full use of your mirror, no matter how steamy your bathroom gets!

    mirrors with shaver sockets


    Looking for shaving mirrors? Look your best any time of day with a Modern Mirror Design illuminated bathroom mirror with shaver socket. Equipped with LED lights, shaver sockets and demister pads, you’ll have the perfect shave, every time.

  • Three Reasons To Lighten Up Your Christmas With Hollywood Mirrors

    With the Christmas season now upon us, not only will a lot of us be buying fancy Christmas presents, a lot of folks will be looking to redecorate their homes and spice up the interior design. Coming with LED bulbs, a dim switch and oozing with enough glamour to stand out in any room, Hollywood mirrors make a phenomenal Christmas present. If that hasn’t convinced you, here are three reasons why you should lighten up your Christmas with Hollywood Mirrors!


    Despite all the smoke and mirrors of Hollywood, the industry has certainly retained its glamour and this extends to Hollywood mirrors too. They instantly add glamour to any room and with Hollywood style lights, you will feel like a star getting ready in front of Modern Mirror’s Henrietta Hollywood mirror. These lights deliver the perfect lighting effect, ensuring that you’re able to do your hair and apply your makeup, and look like a celeb walking down the red carpet. Have a glass of prosecco or a martini on your dressing room table with the Hollywood mirror to really encapsulate on that old school Hollywood style.


    Add a glow to the room with Modern Mirror’s luxury Letizia Hollywood mirror. Hollywood mirrors with lights enable you to see yourself in a much better light. If the lighting is off, you definitely won’t be producing camera-ready results with your hair and make-up. The Letizia Hollywood mirrors and lighting comes with a savvy dim switch so that you can control the brightness. Letizia’s LED bulbs give off zero heat - so there’s no more melting when applying your makeup.  An additional perk of using LED bulbs - Hollywood mirror lights use less energy than your standard light bulbs, costing you less in electricity bills. A win-win situation all around when it comes to vanity mirrors.


    Hollywood mirrors come in all designs, shapes and sizes, as shown by Modern Mirrors’ gorgeous Lucienne Hollywood mirror. This makes this type of mirror perfect for bathrooms as they generally have limited space available. Finding the perfect illuminated bathroom mirror will be made just that much easier with a Hollywood mirror. Setting itself apart from the crowd with its protective high gloss lacquer finish, this Lucienne mirror is beautifully handmade. Round, black and simply glamorous - its luxurious sophistication makes it an incredible Christmas present too.

    Hollywood mirrors and lighting

    Looking for Hollywood mirror ideas? Want a Henrietta, Letizia or a Lucienne Hollywood mirror with lights in your home?

    Modern Mirror Design have all of that, plus a wide range of Hollywood makeup mirrors to complement your beauty spot. Create the ultimate dressing room this Christmas with Hollywood mirrors by Modern Mirror Design.

  • How do Infinity Mirrors Work?

    Infinity mirrors. We’ve all seen them. You know those mirrors with lights in them that seem like they go on forever? Where it looks like magic is involved? Well, we can safely say that there’s no magic involved! However, science is involved.

    Through the use of optical properties, an infinity mirror is a mirror with what appears to be an endless number of lights stretching to infinity. A false sense of depth is created through a tunnelling effect.  But, how do infinity mirrors work? Read on!

    How Do Infinity Mirrors Work:

    The way infinity mirrors work is that they each contain two mirrors parallel to each other, with different reflectivity and transmissivity. One is a normal mirror, and the other is a tinted window film. The normal mirror reflects back 100% of the light and the tinted window film, reflects back only half of the light hitting it. The result of this is that when you shine a LED light between the two mirrors, some of the light escapes through the tinted window film. The rest of the light bounces back off the normal mirror and then back again to the tinted window film; this scientific process continues to infinity and is where the term: ‘infinity mirrors’ comes from.

    infinity mirror

    (Modern Mirrors K213L LED Infinity Mirror with Infra-Red Sensor)

    The Purpose of Infinity Mirrors:

    Infinity mirrors are not like normal mirrors where people use them for specific purposes such as getting yourself ready for work or an evening out. They are used for room accents, artistic and scientific purposes (regarding physics and reflection) and to add character to a room with wall decoration. The infinity mirrors’ optical illusions draw attention and are perfect for those wanting a unique and head-turning, yet minimalist interior design twist in their homes. The LED lights shining through the infinity mirrors can also change colour too, adding another eye-catching twist to these LED mirrors. It is worth mentioning that infinity mirrors are frameless and when they are switched off, it looks like a normal mirror surface where you can use them like you would use a normal mirror. When the infinity mirror technology is switched on, the optical illusion is inset from the mirror edge which gives the look and feel of a mirror frame.

    infinity mirror

    (Modern Mirrors K215 RGB LED Infinity Mirror with Infrared Sensor)


    Looking for infinity mirrors for bathrooms? Provider of a selection of the finest LED infinity mirror designs, we have a wide selection of illuminated mirrors, available in a range of sizes and fantastic features. Modern Mirrors’ infinity mirrors are some of the UK’s best. Coming with a 10-year warranty and next day delivery, get your magical mirror now.


    Have more infinity mirror questions? We can help you.

  • Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors the Ultimate in Bathroom Gadgets


    With the latest developments in bathroom gadgets, bathrooms are now stepping into the digital age too. You can now seamlessly get music and the radio into your bathroom, answer phone-calls hands-free and with the latest in wireless technology, Wi-Fi is also provided. Here at Modern Mirrors, we supply smart mirrors that are Bluetooth enabled. Our range of LED Bluetooth bathroom mirrors come with clever technology that revolutionises bathroom gadgets.

    Jewel Audio LED Mirror Cabinet:

    Coming with cutting edge Bluetooth speakers and marine standard stereo speakers, our Jewel Audio LED Mirror Cabinet lifts bathroom technology to new heights. With a crystal clear mirror, it projects clear sound for you to listen to whilst relaxing in the bath. Marine standard stereo speakers are waterproof and immune to the effects of moisture and heat, so you don’t have to worry about the temperature, steam and condensation of the bathroom affecting the electronics within the mirror. With a width of 400mm, height of 600mm and depth of 135mm, it truly is a ‘not to be missed’ mirror.

    Diamond X Audio Pink ‘‘Designed For Benefit’’ Hollywood Mirror:

    The ultimate in makeup mirrors! This Hollywood Bluetooth audio mirror comes with LED bulbs, waterproof transducer speakers, a dimmer switch… and it’s pink. What more could a girl want?! Coming with innovative technology for modern bathrooms or bedrooms, you can safely connect your devices and listen to music wirelessly, whilst getting glammed up. The absolute latest in smart technology with a protective high gloss lacquer finish and 10 year warranty.

    Lumin Shaver Mirror Audio:

    Easy to install and fit, this stylish LED bathroom mirror comes with dimensions of 500mm by 500mm, with a depth of 55mm. The luxury product features a demister pad, 240v shaver socket (for electric toothbrushes too), 36 light white LED’s and Bluetooth speakers and audio cabinet. This Bluetooth bathroom mirror with shaver socket also comes with marine standard stereo speakers for high quality listening. This mirror doesn’t hold back on reasons to fall in love with it and to ensure that you get the best from it, it comes with a generous 10 year warranty.

    Want to know how to keep your stylish LED bathroom mirror in tip-top condition? Follow these simple cleaning tips.

    Our LED bluetooth bathroom mirrors for bathrooms and bedrooms are the latest in pioneering bathroom technology and our range of bluetooth mirrors doesn’t just stop here. We have plenty more for all tastes, styles and preferences. Looking for a luxury bluetooth mirror for your home? You’ve come to the right place.

  • Only 4 weeks to go till Christmas!

    Only 4 weeks to go till Christmas!
    We think this Hollywood mirror would be the perfect present for a make-up addict.

  • A full 10 year warranty comes as standard

    A full 10 year warranty comes as standard, without costing you a penny!

    Just keep hold of your proof of purchase and if anything goes wrong within that period, we'll either repair or replace your item.

  • If you find our products available

    If you find our products available new and cheaper on any other website, we'll match the price!

  • 3 tips to make a small bathroom look bigger

    There are a lot of things you can change when it comes to your house; from the colour of your walls, to the furniture on the floor and all-important luxuries stocked inside every cupboard. One thing very few of us have the luxury of changing, however, is the space inside.

    While reconfiguring rooms or adding an extension can make things bigger, it’s a costly exercise that very few of us can afford meaning we’re often stuck with sinks and showers that don’t meet our needs (or our cosmetic buying habits). Stuck with a less-than-satisfactory washroom? Here are a few of our top tips for making a bathroom look bigger, without the need for an army of builders…

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