• How Do Infinity Mirrors Work?

    Infinity mirrors. We’ve all seen them. You know those mirrors with lights in them that seem like they go on forever? Where it looks like magic is involved? Well, we can safely say that there’s no magic involved! However, science is involved. Through the use of optical properties, an infinity mirror is a mirror with what appears to be an endless number of lights stretching to infinity. A false sense of depth is created through a tunnelling effect.  But, how do infinity mirrors work? Read on!

    How Do Infinity Mirrors Work:

    The way infinity mirrors work is that they each contain two mirrors parallel to each other, with different reflectivity and transmissivity. One is a normal mirror, and the other is a tinted window film. The normal mirror reflects back 100% of the light and the tinted window film, reflects back only half of the light hitting it. The result of this is that when you shine a LED light between the two mirrors, some of the light escapes through the tinted window film. The rest of the light bounces back off the normal mirror and then back again to the tinted window film; this scientific process continues to infinity and is where the term: ‘infinity mirrors’ comes from.

    infinity mirror

    (Modern Mirrors K213L LED Infinity Mirror with Infra-Red Sensor)

    The Purpose of Infinity Mirrors:

    Infinity mirrors are not like normal mirrors where people use them for specific purposes such as getting yourself ready for work or an evening out. They are used for room accents, artistic and scientific purposes (regarding physics and reflection) and to add character to a room with wall decoration. The infinity mirrors’ optical illusions draw attention and are perfect for those wanting an unique and head-turning, yet minimalist interior design twist in their homes. The LED lights shining through the infinity mirrors can also change colour too, adding another eye-catching twist to these mirrors. It is worth mentioning that infinity mirrors are frameless and when they are switched off, it looks like a normal mirror surface where you can use them like you would use a normal mirror. When the infinity mirror technology is switched on, the optical illusion is inset from the mirror edge which gives the look and feel of a mirror frame.

    infinity mirror

    (Modern Mirrors K215 RGB LED Infinity Mirror with Infrared Sensor)


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  • LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors


    With the latest developments in bathroom technology, bathrooms are now stepping into the digital age too. You can now seamlessly get music and the radio into your bathroom, answer phone-calls hands-free and with the latest in wireless technology, Wi-Fi is also provided. Here at Modern Mirrors, we supply smart mirrors that are Bluetooth enabled. Our range of LED Bluetooth bathroom mirrors come with gadgets, revolutionising bathroom technology.

    Jewel Audio LED Mirror Cabinet:

    Coming with cutting edge Bluetooth speakers and marine standard stereo speakers, our Jewel Audio LED Mirror Cabinet lifts bathroom technology to new heights. With a crystal clear mirror, it projects clear sound for you to listen to whilst relaxing in the bath. Marine standard stereo speakers are waterproof and immune to the effects of moisture and heat, so you don’t have to worry about the temperature, steam and condensation of the bathroom affecting the electronics within the mirror. With a width of 400mm, height of 600mm and depth of 135mm, it truly is a ‘not to be missed’ mirror.

    Diamond X Audio Pink ‘‘Designed For Benefit’’ Hollywood Mirror:

    The ultimate in makeup mirrors! This Bluetooth audio mirror comes with LED bulbs, waterproof transducer speakers, a dimmer switch… and it’s pink. What more could a gal want?! Coming with innovative technology for modern bathrooms or bedrooms, you can safely connect your devices and listen to music wirelessly, whilst getting glammed up. The absolute latest in smart technology with a protective high gloss lacquer finish and 10 year warranty.

    Lumin Shaver Mirror Audio:

    Easy to install and fit, this stylish LED bathroom mirror comes with dimensions of 500mm by 500mm, with a depth of 55mm. The luxury product features a demister pad, 240v shaver socket (for electric toothbrushes too), 36 light white LED’s and Bluetooth speakers and audio cabinet. This Bluetooth bathroom mirror with shaver socket also comes with marine standard stereo speakers for high quality listening. This mirror doesn’t hold back on reasons to fall in love with it and to ensure that you get the best from it, it comes with a generous 10 year warranty.


    Our LED bluetooth bathroom mirrors for bathrooms and bedrooms are the latest in pioneering bathroom technology and our range of bluetooth mirrors doesn’t just stop here. We have plenty more for all tastes, styles and preferences. Looking for a luxury bluetooth mirror for your home? You’ve come to the right place.

  • Only 4 weeks to go till Christmas!

    Only 4 weeks to go till Christmas!
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    A full 10 year warranty comes as standard, without costing you a penny!

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