With the Christmas season now upon us, not only will a lot of us be buying fancy Christmas presents, a lot of folks will be looking to redecorate their homes and spice up the interior design. Coming with LED bulbs, a dim switch and oozing with enough glamour to stand out in any room, Hollywood mirrors make a phenomenal Christmas present. If that hasn’t convinced you, here are three reasons why you should lighten up your Christmas with Hollywood Mirrors!


Despite all the smoke and mirrors of Hollywood, the industry has certainly retained its glamour and this extends to Hollywood mirrors too. They instantly add glamour to any room and with Hollywood style lights, you will feel like a star getting ready in front of Modern Mirror’s Henrietta Hollywood mirror. These lights deliver the perfect lighting effect, ensuring that you’re able to do your hair and apply your makeup, and look like a celeb walking down the red carpet. Have a glass of prosecco or a martini on your dressing room table with the Hollywood mirror to really encapsulate on that old school Hollywood style.


Add a glow to the room with Modern Mirror’s luxury Letizia Hollywood mirror. Hollywood mirrors with lights enable you to see yourself in a much better light. If the lighting is off, you definitely won’t be producing camera-ready results with your hair and make-up. The Letizia Hollywood mirrors and lighting comes with a savvy dim switch so that you can control the brightness. Letizia’s LED bulbs give off zero heat - so there’s no more melting when applying your makeup.  An additional perk of using LED bulbs - Hollywood mirror lights use less energy than your standard light bulbs, costing you less in electricity bills. A win-win situation all around when it comes to vanity mirrors.


Hollywood mirrors come in all designs, shapes and sizes, as shown by Modern Mirrors’ gorgeous Lucienne Hollywood mirror. This makes this type of mirror perfect for bathrooms as they generally have limited space available. Finding the perfect illuminated bathroom mirror will be made just that much easier with a Hollywood mirror. Setting itself apart from the crowd with its protective high gloss lacquer finish, this Lucienne mirror is beautifully handmade. Round, black and simply glamorous - its luxurious sophistication makes it an incredible Christmas present too.

Hollywood mirrors and lighting

Looking for Hollywood mirror ideas? Want a Henrietta, Letizia or a Lucienne Hollywood mirror with lights in your home?

Modern Mirror Design have all of that, plus a wide range of Hollywood makeup mirrors to complement your beauty spot. Create the ultimate dressing room this Christmas with Hollywood mirrors by Modern Mirror Design.